Sarah Sorenson 

See how I see the world. 

New York based, Long Island raised, New Orleans shaped photographer with a master's in Mental Health Counseling in the the midst of a doctoral degree in School Psychology. Specialize in nature, abstract, and street photography. Passionate about many things but mainly making the world a more peaceful and sustainable place through awareness, love, kindness, mindfulness, yoga, and of course photography. I am a free-spirited existentialist who likes to question everything, which can be seen as reflected in my photography. I hope to inspire people to view the everyday and mundane beautifully. Sometimes all it takes is to look up or look through. Look differently. Think differently. I believe that art instills transcendence. Transcendence brings perspective. Perspective is a vital force of unity, and unity is needed in the world today more than ever. 

I have always loved taking pictures from a young age and capturing moments in time to store as memories forever.  Starting from kodak disposable cameras, my interest expanded further when I took black and white film photography classes in high school and then in college while living in New Orleans, where I learned to develop in the darkroom. The type of focus, concentration, and zen-like attention to detail needed in this process sparked my love for photography. Since then, photography has become a great passion of mine, and I am curious and excited to see where photography brings me in my future.

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